Real Stories Behind the Profession: Personal Narratives from Escorts Around the World

Real Stories Behind the Profession: Personal Narratives from Escorts Around the World

Real Stories Behind the Profession: Personal Narratives from Escorts Around the World

The world of escorting is often shrouded in mystery, laden with stereotypes, and misunderstood by many. But behind closed doors and societal preconceptions, lie real, human stories that reveal the depth and complexity of the profession. In this blog, we’ll delve into personal narratives from escorts around the globe, shedding light on their diverse experiences and unique perspectives.

The Modern Escort: A Multifaceted Profession

Contrary to popular belief, escorting is far from monolithic. The experiences of those in the profession can vary wildly depending on factors such as location, clientele, and personal choices. Let’s debunk some myths and discover the multifaceted nature of this profession.

Stories from Europe

Anna from Amsterdam

In Amsterdam, the heart of the Netherlands’ liberal stance on sex work, Anna has been a professional escort for over five years. Anna emphasizes the freedoms her job affords her, both financially and personally.

“I have clients who respect my boundaries and treat me well. The laws here are designed to protect sex workers, and I feel more secure knowing my rights are upheld.”

Anna’s story reveals an environment where sex work is regulated, making the profession safer and more dignified. Her narrative challenges the stigma that surrounds escorting and highlights how regulation can foster a safer working environment.

Tales from North America

James from New York City

James, a male escort in New York City, shares a different perspective. Navigating a largely female-dominated industry, he highlights the unique challenges and rewards he encounters.

“Being a male escort, people often think it’s all about the physical aspect, but my clients are largely seeking emotional connection and companionship. The best part of my job is knowing I’ve made someone’s day better.”

James’s story underscores the often-overlooked emotional labor involved in escorting. It’s a reminder that companionship is at the heart of this profession, irrespective of gender.

Insights from Asia

Sakura from Tokyo

Sakura’s journey as an escort in Tokyo illustrates the societal pressures and cultural nuances that come with the profession. She speaks about the duality she navigates in her everyday life.

“In Japan, there’s a strong sense of traditional values, so escorting isn’t openly discussed. But online, I can be my true self. My clients appreciate my authenticity, and in those moments, I’m not judged by societal standards.”

Her story reveals the complexities of working in a culture where sex work is heavily stigmatized, yet simultaneously a thriving industry behind closed doors. Sakura’s narrative highlights the importance of authenticity and the human need for connection beyond cultural taboos.

Experiences from Australia

Lara from Sydney

Down under in Sydney, Lara shares the highs and lows of her escort life. She discusses the empowerment she feels in her role and the safety nets in place.

“Australia’s progressive laws and support networks make it easier to work safely and independently. The best part is choosing my own clients and setting my own boundaries. I feel empowered, not exploited.”

Lara’s story is a testament to how supportive frameworks can enhance the safety and autonomy of sex workers, providing an empowering work environment that allows them to thrive.

Breaking Stereotypes

If there’s one thing these narratives make clear, it’s that the world of escorting is diverse and multi-dimensional. Here are a few key takeaways:

  • Diversity of Experience: Each escort’s story is unique, proving there is no single narrative that defines the profession.
  • Emotional Labor: The profession often involves providing emotional support and companionship, not just physical services.
  • Regulation and Safety: Countries with progressive laws and regulations tend to provide safer and more empowering environments for sex workers.

Conclusion: More Than Meets the Eye

The stories of escorts from around the world offer a deeper understanding of a profession that is frequently misunderstood and unfairly judged. By hearing their voices, we can begin to appreciate the complexities and human aspects that define the world of escorting.

Stay tuned for more insightful narratives as we continue to explore the real stories behind various professions!

Navigating Client Relations: Etiquette and Professionalism for Escorts

Navigating Client Relations: Etiquette and Professionalism for Escorts

Navigating Client Relations: Etiquette and Professionalism for Escorts

Within the realm of client relations, maintaining etiquette and professionalism is paramount, especially for escorts. Whether you are a seasoned professional or just starting out, mastering these skills can significantly enhance your career. This blog article aims to provide guidelines and tips for ensuring that your interactions with clients are smooth, respectful, and mutually enjoyable.

Setting Clear Boundaries

The first step in establishing a positive client relationship is to set clear boundaries from the outset. It is essential to communicate your limits and ensure that your clients understand them. This practice not only protects you but also helps manage clients’ expectations.

  • Contractual Agreements: Outline what services you will and will not provide.
  • Time Management: Clearly set the duration of the engagement to avoid misunderstandings.
  • Personal Safety: Always prioritize your well-being by setting physical and emotional boundaries.

Communication Is Key

Effective communication can make or break a professional relationship. Being transparent, polite, and responsive can help foster trust and build lasting relationships with clients.

  1. Initial Conversations: Whether it’s via text, email, or phone, ensure your tone is friendly yet professional.
  2. Listening Skills: Pay attention to your client’s needs and preferences. Active listening shows that you value their time and investment.
  3. Follow-Up: A quick follow-up message post-engagement can leave a lasting impression and increase the likelihood of repeat business.

Dress and Presentation

Like any other professional setting, your appearance speaks volumes. Dressing appropriately for the occasion is a basic yet critical aspect of client relations.

  • Client Preferences: If a client requests a particular attire, ensure it adheres to your comfort level and brand image.
  • Personal Hygiene: Cleanliness and good grooming are non-negotiable elements for making a positive impact.
  • Confidence: Dressing well boosts your confidence, which is instantly noticeable to clients.

Maintaining Confidentiality

One of the keys to building trust with your clients is ensuring their privacy. Handling client information with the utmost confidentiality establishes you as a reliable professional.

  • No Gossip: Do not discuss your clients with others, even within the industry.
  • Secure Data: Keep all communications and transactions secure. Use encrypted devices and secure payment methods when possible.
  • Respect Anonymity: Many clients value their anonymity. Make sure to respect this by not asking for personal details unless necessary.

Dealing with Difficult Clients

Let’s face it; not all clients will be easy to handle. However, maintaining your professionalism in challenging situations is crucial.

  1. Stay Calm: Always keep your composure, regardless of the situation.
  2. Polite Declines: If a client oversteps your boundaries, politely but firmly decline the request.
  3. Know When to Walk Away: If a client continues to be disrespectful or aggressive, it may be best to terminate the relationship. Your safety and comfort should always come first.

Continued Professional Development

To remain at the top of your game, continual improvement and learning are essential. This can include upskilling, attending workshops, or even reading industry-relevant literature.

  • Certifications: Consider certifications in areas like sexual health, massage therapy, or any field that complements your services.
  • Networking: Connect with other professionals for mutual support and sharing best practices.
  • Feedback: Constructive feedback from clients can offer valuable insights for improvement.


Mastering the art of client relations in the escort industry requires a blend of professionalism, effective communication, and mutual respect. By following these guidelines and always prioritizing your safety and comfort, you can foster satisfying and long-lasting client relationships. Remember, your reputation hinges not just on your services but also on how well you handle your interactions. So, stay professional, set clear boundaries, and keep learning.

Embrace these practices, and watch as your client relations—and career—flourish.

Legal Landscape: Escort Services and the Law in Different Countries

Legal Landscape: Escort Services and the Law in Different Countries

Legal Landscape: Escort Services and the Law in Different Countries

If you’ve ever wondered about the legal status of escort services across the globe, you’re not alone. The laws surrounding this intriguing yet controversial industry differ significantly from one country to another. In this blog, we’ll take you on a whirlwind tour of the legal landscape of escort services in various nations. Buckle up—it’s going to be an interesting ride!

The United States: A Patchwork of Regulations

In the United States, the legality of escort services can be as varied as the nation’s weather. Yes, seriously! Each state has its own set of laws, making it a geographic mosaic of legal statuses.

  • Nevada: The most famous (or infamous) example is Nevada, where state law allows licensed brothels in certain counties. Las Vegas, contrary to popular belief, doesn’t legalize prostitution but does permit escort services as long as they are purely conversational (wink, wink).
  • California: It’s illegal to buy or sell sexual services, but escort agencies can operate under the guise of providing companionship and other non-sexual services.
  • New York: Similar to California, escort services can operate but must be careful to steer clear of any indication that they are offering sexual services for money.

Europe: Varying Shades of Grey

Europe, known for its diversity in culture and politics, is equally diverse when it comes to the legality of escort services. Here’s a bird’s eye view:

  • Netherlands: Ah, the land of tulips, windmills, and legalized prostitution. Escort services are legal and regulated, often operating out of legitimate businesses.
  • Germany: Another European nation where prostitution is legal and regulated. Sex workers can operate as freelancers or be employed in brothels.
  • France: France recently took a different route by criminalizing the act of purchasing sexual services but not the act of selling them, a law that aims to protect sex workers.
  • United Kingdom: It’s a bit of a mixed bag. While it’s not illegal to offer escort services, brothel-keeping, pimping, and street solicitation are against the law.

Australia: Down Under and Down to Business

Australia’s approach to escort services can be described as pragmatic. The laws vary between states and territories, but generally, escort services and sex work are legal and regulated.

  • Victoria: Legal and regulated. Escort agencies and individual escorts must be licensed.
  • New South Wales: Escort services are legal and do not require a license. However, local councils can impose regulations.
  • Queensland: Escort services are legal, but there are strict licensure requirements for agencies and workers alike.

Asia: A Complex Tapestry

Asian countries have a more complex, and often stricter, legal framework for escort services.

  • Japan: The country is known for its “fuzoku” industry, where various forms of adult entertainment are legal, but outright prostitution remains illegal.
  • Thailand: Known for its vibrant adult entertainment scene, prostitution is technically illegal but widely tolerated, creating a gray area for escort services.
  • India: Prostitution itself is not illegal, but running a brothel, pimping, and soliciting in public are.

Africa: A Heterogeneous Continent

Finally, Africa presents a highly varied legal landscape:

  • South Africa: Both prostitution and brothels are illegal, but law enforcement often focuses on reducing harm rather than arrests.
  • Kenya: While prostitution is technically illegal, escort services often operate under the radar.
  • Nigeria: This country has strict laws against prostitution and related activities, making escort services risky.

The Global Outlook

The world is a diverse and complex place, filled with varying legal landscapes that surround the escort service industry. This variety demonstrates cultural, social, and political differences that influence the regulation (or lack thereof) around this contentious topic. Whether you’re traveling or just curious, understanding these laws can offer a fascinating glimpse into the world’s attitudes towards sex work.

Remember, this article is for informational purposes only—it’s always a good idea to consult local regulations if you need specific legal advice. Until next time, stay curious and keep learning!

If you found this article helpful, why not share it with your friends or leave a comment below? We’d love to hear your thoughts!

Happy exploring!

How to Stay Safe: Security Measures for Escorts and Clients

How to Stay Safe: Security Measures for Escorts and Clients

How to Stay Safe: Security Measures for Escorts and Clients

Safety is paramount, whether you’re an escort or a client. The nature of the industry requires a level of discretion and precaution to ensure that everyone involved feels comfortable and secure. Here, we’ll highlight practical tips and strategies that both escorts and clients can use to maintain their safety. Let’s dive in!

For Escorts: Prioritizing Your Safety

As an escort, maintaining your safety should be a top priority. Here are some essential measures to consider:

1. Screen Your Clients

The first step in ensuring your safety is to screen potential clients. This can be done through various methods:

  • Background Checks: Use available resources to verify the identity of your clients. Services like reference checks from other escorts or professional screening services can be quite useful.
  • Verification Information: Ask for identification or work information to ensure legitimacy.

2. Setting Boundaries

Clearly communicate your boundaries and services before meeting your client. This includes:

  • Discussing Services: Make sure there’s mutual agreement on what is and isn’t included in your interaction.
  • Personal Limits: Be upfront about your no-go zones and personal space needs.

3. Meet in Public First

Meeting in a public place first can help you gauge the client’s intentions and comfort level. Opt for a public meeting in a busy area to ensure you have an easy exit if things go wrong.

4. Use Technology

Today’s technology can offer an added layer of security. Ensure you:

  • Share Your Location: Use apps that allow a trusted friend to track your location.
  • Safe Calls: Arrange scheduled check-ins with someone you trust, ensuring you confirm your safety at regular intervals.

For Clients: Ensuring Mutual Safety

Clients also play a crucial role in maintaining a safe environment. Here’s how clients can contribute to mutual safety:

1. Respect Boundaries

Respect the escort’s boundaries at all times. This includes following the agreed-upon services and respecting personal space.

2. Use Professional Services

Engage with reputed agencies and verified contacts. While independent escorts can be safe, reputable agencies often provide an additional layer of security. They conduct their own checks, ensuring a safer experience for all parties.

3. Confidentiality Is Key

Both clients and escorts value discretion. As a client, ensure that you never divulge personal information about the escort. Treating their service with respect will lead to a much more pleasant experience.

4. Be Transparent

When initiating contact, be honest and clear about your expectations and preferences. Transparency helps build trust and ensures a safe, enjoyable encounter for both parties.

Common Safety Tips for Everyone

While some security measures are specific to escorts or clients, there are universal strategies that everyone should follow:

1. Health Precautions

Always prioritize your health. Use protection to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and discuss sexual health openly with your partner. Regular health check-ups are essential for maintaining overall well-being too.

2. Emergency Preparedness

Have an emergency plan in place. This includes:

  • Code Word: Establish a code word or phrase to alert your trusted person in case of an emergency.
  • Escape Plan: Always have a clear exit strategy. Know the layout of your environment, whether it’s a client’s place or a hotel room.

3. Avoid Substance Abuse

It’s safer to avoid overindulging in alcohol or other substances that can impair your judgment. Stay alert and in control of the situation at all times.


Staying safe requires a proactive approach, whether you are an escort or a client. By following these security measures, you can significantly reduce risks and ensure a secure, enjoyable experience. Remember, it’s all about mutual respect, clear communication, and taking the necessary precautions. Stay safe, and happy meeting!

Health and Wellbeing in the Escort Industry: Essential Tips for Physical and Mental Safety

Health and Wellbeing in the Escort Industry: Essential Tips for Physical and Mental Safety

Health and Wellbeing in the Escort Industry: Essential Tips for Physical and Mental Safety

The escort industry, like any other profession, necessitates a keen awareness of personal health and wellbeing. Maintaining optimal physical and mental health is vital not just for job performance but for overall life satisfaction. This comprehensive guide offers essential tips for escorts to ensure they prioritize their safety and wellbeing while thriving in their chosen careers. Let’s dive into these crucial aspects, seasoned with a dash of humor and a friendly tone to keep things light!

Physical Health Tips

Practice Safe Sex

First and foremost, practicing safe sex is non-negotiable. Make sure you always have a supply of condoms, dental dams, and plenty of water-based lubricants. Never compromise on safety, no matter the situation.

  • Use condoms with every client.
  • Keep dental dams handy for oral activities.
  • Opt for water-based lubricants to prevent condom breakage.

Regular Health Check-ups

Just as your phone needs frequent updates, your body needs regular check-ups. Ensure you visit a healthcare provider for routine screenings and general health assessments.

  • Schedule STI screenings regularly.
  • Have bi-annual or annual general health check-ups.
  • Consult with a trusted healthcare professional about any concerns.

Stay Hydrated and Eat Well

You are what you eat – and drink! Staying hydrated and maintaining a balanced diet can make a world of difference to your energy levels and overall health.

  • Drink plenty of water daily.
  • Consume a balanced diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and lean proteins.
  • Avoid excessive alcohol and processed foods.

Mental Wellbeing Tips

Set Boundaries

In the escort industry, setting and maintaining boundaries is crucial for mental health. Establish clear boundaries with clients regarding what you are comfortable doing and ensure they respect these limits.

  • Communicate your boundaries clearly to clients.
  • Stick to your established limits, even if it means declining an offer.
  • Remember: “No” is a complete sentence!

Seek Emotional Support

Everyone needs a shoulder to lean on. It’s essential to have a support system to talk to about your experiences, whether it’s friends, family, or a professional therapist.

  • Consider regular therapy sessions for professional guidance.
  • Engage in social activities outside of work to build a support network.
  • Don’t hesitate to reach out to loved ones when feeling overwhelmed.

Practice Self-Care

If you don’t take care of yourself, who will? Engaging in self-care activities helps recharge and maintain mental wellbeing.

  • Take regular time off to rest and rejuvenate.
  • Engage in hobbies and activities that bring you joy.
  • Practice mindfulness or meditation to de-stress.

Avoid Isolation

Isolation can exacerbate stress and emotional issues. While confidentiality is crucial, ensure you don’t isolate yourself from the world outside work.

  • Join online or offline communities for escorts.
  • Stay connected with friends and family members.
  • Participate in social events and meet new people.

Final Thoughts

Maintaining physical and mental safety in the escort industry isn’t just about surviving – it’s about thriving. By integrating these tips into your daily routine, you’ll not only protect your health but also enhance your overall quality of life. And remember, taking care of yourself is the key to sustaining a successful and fulfilling career in this unique profession. Stay safe, stay healthy, and keep shining!

Tune in for more insightful articles and tips on thriving in various industries, and share your stories or tips in the comments below. Here’s to your health and wellbeing!

Ethical Considerations in the Escort Industry: A Deep Dive into Consent and Fair Practice

Ethical Considerations in the Escort Industry: A Deep Dive into Consent and Fair Practice

Ethical Considerations in the Escort Industry: A Deep Dive into Consent and Fair Practice

The escort industry, like any other, operates within a complex interplay of personal choices, societal norms, and economic factors. While it may often be shrouded in controversy and misunderstanding, it’s vital to navigate this realm with an ethical compass. In this blog, we will explore the critical ethical considerations, with special focus on consent and fair practice.

Understanding Consent: The Bedrock of Ethical Interaction

Consent is not merely a checkbox; it is the foundation of any ethical interaction within the escort industry. Enthusiastic and informed consent is paramount, ensuring that all parties are on the same page. But what does this look like in practice?

  • Clear Communication: Both parties must communicate boundaries and expectations openly and honestly before any engagement.
  • Voluntary Agreement: Consent should be given freely, without any form of coercion, pressure, or undue influence.
  • Ongoing Process: Consent can be withdrawn at any point. Both parties should respect each other’s comfort zones and signals.

For example, let’s imagine a guidebook for the industry. In big, bold letters, it might say: “Consent is like a cup of tea. If they don’t want tea, don’t make them drink it. Simple, right?” This light-hearted reminder emphasizes the fundamental reality that without consent, no interaction is ethically justifiable.

Fair Practice: Operating with Integrity and Respect

Beyond consent, fair practice encapsulates the ethical treatment of individuals within the industry. This includes both clients and escorts. Here are some pillars of fair practice:

Transparency in Transactions

One should never underestimate the power of a clear and transparent agreement. All terms, including fees, services, and boundaries, should be explicitly discussed beforehand. This avoids any misunderstanding or disputes later on, making the experience respectful and professional for everyone involved.

Ensuring Safety and Well-being

Safety measures are non-negotiable. Both physical and emotional well-being should be safeguarded. It’s essential to conduct meetings in safe environments, and both parties should have the ability to discreetly exit the situation if they feel uneasy.

  1. Background Checks: Escorts should have the right to conduct background checks on potential clients to ensure their safety.
  2. Emergency Protocols: Establish a clear plan for what to do in case of an emergency.

Equal Respect and Dignity

The stigma surrounding escort work often leads to disrespect or dehumanizing treatment. It’s crucial to recognize the humanity and personal autonomy of everyone involved. This means treating each other with respect, kindness, and dignity, regardless of the nature of the transaction.

Ethical Marketing Practices

Marketing within the escort industry also bears ethical responsibility. Advertisements should never be misleading and must adhere to legal standards. False claims or photoshopped images not only mislead clients but also undermine the trust and authenticity essential for ethical interactions.

A Path Towards Ethical Engagement

To foster a more ethical escort industry, continuous effort and commitment are required from all participants, including escorts, clients, and regulatory bodies. Here’s a concise roadmap for progress:

  • Education and Training: Continuous education on ethical standards and practices should be available and encouraged.
  • Support Systems: Accessible support systems for those working in the industry to discuss issues and report unethical practices.
  • Advocacy: Champion the rights and respect for those within the escort industry, fighting against prejudice and stigmatization.

Finally, let’s remember that ethical considerations in any field, especially in the escort industry, are not black and white. They involve nuances and require an open mind and compassionate understanding. By emphasizing consent and fair practice, we pave the way for a more respectful and dignified landscape.

If the escort industry is the Wild West, consider us the friendly town sheriff, here to ensure everyone plays nice and looks out for each other!

Join us next time as we explore more dimensions of ethics in often debated industries. Got thoughts or anecdotes? Share in the comments below!

Breaking the Myths: Common Misconceptions About Escorts and Their Work

Breaking the Myths: Common Misconceptions About Escorts and Their Work

Breaking the Myths: Common Misconceptions About Escorts and Their Work

When it comes to the topic of escorts and their profession, misconceptions run rampant. Popular culture and media often color our perceptions, creating a skewed view of what this profession really involves. In this blog, we aim to break down the common myths about escorts and provide a clear-eyed look at the nature of their work.

Myth 1: All Escorts Are Involved in Illegal Activities

One of the most pervasive myths is that all escorts are involved in illegal activities, particularly prostitution. While it’s true that the legal status of escorting varies across different regions, many escorts operate within the bounds of the law. Escorting, in many cases, involves companionship, attending social events, or providing emotional support, without any illegal or sexual transactions involved.

Myth 2: Escorts Are Forced or Coerced Into Their Profession

Another harmful myth is that every escort is under duress or forced into the profession. While human trafficking and coercion are severe issues that affect many industries, the majority of escorts enter the profession of their own volition. Many choose escorting as a career for various reasons, including financial independence and flexibility of work schedules.

Myth 3: Escorting Is Not a ‘Real’ Job

The notion that escorting isn’t a legitimate job because it doesn’t conform to a traditional 9-to-5 structure is laughably outdated. Escorts often undergo training in etiquette, communication, and even emotional intelligence. Many work long hours, manage their own schedules, handle complex logistics, and maintain strict professional boundaries, just like in any other job.

Myth 4: Escorts Are Always Glamorous and Live Luxurious Lives

Television shows and movies often portray escorts as living life in the lap of luxury. While some may indeed enjoy a relatively opulent lifestyle, it’s far from a universal truth. Escorts come from diverse backgrounds and live varied lives much like everyone else. Many manage their finances just like any other working professional.

Myth 5: Only a Certain Type of Person Seeks Escorts

Last but not least, there’s the stereotype that only lonely or socially awkward people seek out escorts. In reality, clients come from all walks of life and have various reasons for hiring escorts. It could be to attend a high-profile event, to combat loneliness, or even for counseling and companionship during tough times. There is no one-size-fits-all when it comes to clients or reasons for utilizing escort services.


Breaking down these myths helps us appreciate the diverse nature of the escort profession and challenges our preconceived notions. By understanding the real aspects of this field, we can cultivate a more nuanced and respectful view. To dive deeper into this topic, check out this informative video [insert link to YouTube video here].

Feel free to share your thoughts and questions in the comments below. Let’s continue to challenge misconceptions and promote informed discussions.

How to get into an escort agency?

How to get into an escort agency?

A job that brings in a good income and is interesting to most young people. Everyone wants to live comfortably, to go on vacation, to see the world, to have a small business. Only an individual, devoid of self-esteem, would put up with the role of a slave, to whom the state, the employer allocates paltry sums.

In professional chat rooms, participants find out if it is realistic to find rich and famous “zaks” on their own? It is a matter of chance, akin to the lottery. One in a thousand may be lucky, the rest are satisfied with meetings in smoky hotel rooms, meals in roadside canteens and bunches of cheap primroses.

Wealthy people don’t search for constant mistresses and girlfriends on social networks. They don’t have extra time. It is unrealistic to entrust a sensitive task to a secretary or a deputy. Businessmen hire girls through companies with a reliable status and a big name. It’s helpful to know how to get a job with an escort service, what you need to do.

A decent establishment accepts adult female members of the better half of humanity who have an attractive appearance, good figure and proper speech. To take the vacant place, you need to come to the interview with a clean head, neat makeup, in decent clothes. Vulgar cheap jeans with holes, short skirts, from under which you can see the underwear, better put in a far drawer of the closet.

There are all kinds of tall tales, rumors about how the interview for a job in an escort agency. Most of these fabrications have nothing to do with reality. In fact, communication with the employer is as follows:

The new employee shows up at the appointed time.
Administrator conducts a conversation, in a relaxed form explaining what kind of work it is, what will be the duties.
If the conditions suit the applicant, she can start work almost immediately.

One of the benefits of the business is that the salary is paid after each exit with the customer. If finances are urgently needed, a beauty does not need to take out a loan, complicate her life, it is easier to go into escorting.

Safe and correct way, for those who are looking for prospects and high income, immediately sign up for an interview. What does the work in an escort agency? The benefits are many. This is a stable income, anonymity, great prospects. Women, working through a serious organization, have more advantages than the beauties, who were just looking for wealthy clients on their own. Employer spends a lot of money on advertising, promotion, branding. Large sums of money are spent on image creation. False shame, instilled in childhood, should be put on the shelf, in 70 years it will come in handy.

While young and beautiful, you need to travel, dress up, have fun, socialize. The main thing is to set a goal and have a desire – then you and everything will work out. A successful life and a big salary for many girls has become a normal reality!

What is an escort really?

What is an escort really?

There are opposing opinions around the concept of “escorting” in society and Skinny young slender divas and mature puffins are engaged in a peculiar kind of activity. Why is there such a service? Business men are often forced to attend various events, such as business meetings, banquets, dinner parties … The etiquette dictates the presence of a companion at such events, but businessmen are busy people, not everyone has a wife or a constant partner. According to the unspoken rules of decency on the parade exits with an influential person should be attractive person.

No matter how much people, far from the model business, criticized the way of earning, and the girls get a fee for accompanying men on trips, to various meetings, negotiations, presentations, banquets.

What are escort services for men?

It is a quick way for clients to find a maiden who matches their personal ideas about beauty. An escort is required to look successful in the eyes of business partners, companions, competitors. It is for these reasons and men seek help from escort services. After all, you need to look solid, and the presence of a lady, at times, plays an important role in this.

The client is rich, ready to pay for the presence of a queen. It is not ashamed to appear at a party or a fashion show with a brilliant diva. No matter what the purpose of a man decided to light up with a prominent, interesting escort. The hired girl, if necessary, will portray a friend, a bride. Working in public is akin to acting. The actress performs a certain role, the admirer of talent pays. A specific form of contractual relationship is beneficial to the parties.

As for intimacy, we can say unequivocally, no decent agency will not force female employees to engage in sexual relations. When intimacy takes place on mutual sympathy between adults, it is their own business. No one has the right to forbid a couple to spend time together. It’s normal and completely natural if a man gives his partner designer things, jewelry, foreign banknotes with several zeros. Strange looks at the behavior of stingy uncles who do not allocate funds for the maintenance of the minion.